Refunds & Exchanges

I do my best to describe the item in great detail and give you the best color accurate photos I can. Even with that said I realize that you may be unhappy with your purchase. Due to merchandise being what it is, and variability of glitter/colors I may not be able to replace broken or lost items. In this case I can reimburse you the full price of the item including shipping.

I am sorry but I cannot issue refunds or replacements for polishes that show they have been delivered. This is something you need to work out with your post office or file a police complaint. I have had to work through stolen mail and post office issues in the past and I know how painful it can be but once your package is out of my hands and shows delivered to your listed address it appears we are both at a loss. If you are in doubt or have a concern please contact me about purchasing insurance. I will try to work with you as much as I can to make this right but I cannot issue a refund.

If you request a refund and we agree that is the course of action for the request, you will be required to place a large black "X" through the darling diva label and send me a photo. Once I get the photo I will refund the price of the polish.